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I remember how much time I sweated over writing the content for my first web site. I totally got my knickers in a twist about what to write, how to write it, what writing style to use, and it took me ages, every time.

It wasn’t until later, much later in life, I found my big why to write, no matter what. It was when my sister had died of cancer, at the age of 30. I just had to write about that, because losing a sibling in western society appeared to be something you don’t talk about. So, I did a writing course – for entrepreneurs – and learnt how to always write with confidence. I am still writing that book on sibling loss… and in the meantime I started writing for my business. Swiftly, enthusiastically, and with confidence. At the time, this was a major shift in my life. Having been trained as a construction engineer and hospital planner, I had never giving writing skills any thought. Until I discovered writing skills can be learned, just as riding a bike can be learned.

Write with Confidence

Why is writing content a must?

For you as an entrepreneur writing content is a must-learn skill. Why? Well, anything online needs to be put into words. Yes, even when you prefer creating videos, there are too many clients, fans and readers of your website, your social media posts, and of your blog that prefer to read. Reading can be done in a scanning manner, costing far less time to consume content, than video can, for instance. Also, the writing process is hugely beneficial for you, too. By writing, you will discover your own gems of wisdom and nuggets of knowledge. Also, written content can be used over and over again, for creating video scripts, twitter messages, facebook ads, training sessions, lectures, facebook messages, e-books, books, or even infographics. You really cannot afford to skip or avoid or outsource writing content. Especially if you are your personal brand, the face of your business. You can only grow your business if you connect with your clients and prospects in a personal way, using your own words, style and approach. That is also the only way in which you create consistent content that is congruent with your voice.

What is the impact of writing content?

By writing your own content, and writing often and regularly, you develop your writing skill. The more often you write, the more you will discover how much value you have to share. You will be able to dig deeper and deeper into your treasure trove of wisdom. And from my personal experience, writing will become so much fun, because you’ll become increasingly more curious about how much more brilliant words of wisdom will well up from your inner source. Really, writing could be a life-changing and transformational ritual that will not only enrich your life, but also that of others.

How can you write with confidence?

Like every other skill, once you know how to write, you can write with confidence. Practice makes perfect. So let me share my best tips with you, that have helped me greatly on my way to be a happy writer.

1. Write every day

2. Write as fast as you can

3. Write without thinking

4. Write by answering questions

5. Answer questions you hear from your clients

6. Never judge your own writing

7. Let someone you trust judge your writing

8. Write what you care about

9. Repeat tips 1 to 9

I know full well that I won’t be able to convince you. I don’t even want to. What I would love you to do, however, is to prove it to yourself. Start writing. Often. Fast. And discover that you, too, can write with confidence.

If you want my feedback, share something you’ve recently written for your business (max 300 words) in a comment below this article and I will give you my personal feedback to help you build more confidence in writing for your business. And remember, your best blog post is your next blog post!

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