Fact or Fiction?


Let me get straight to the point: writing for everyone is both a fact and fiction. It is beyond any doubt a fact that “writing for everyone” is pure fiction. Why? It is just impossible to write for everyone. Let me tell you why…

Fact Fiction

Why is “writing for everyone” fiction?

You want to have lots of clients, perhaps a massive amount of clients, and you know for a fact that everybody can benefit from what you are blogging about. Or at least, half the population 🙂

Why is that such a problem? Well, it’s fictitious. It seems absolutely wonderful, doesn’t it: helping everyone? Is it true, though? When you’re writing for everyone, how will you manage to write in a style that appeals to every single person equally well? Would you use the same words for women over 40 as you would for 18-year-old boys? Will men around 30 read your blog posts with the same interest as women who are 55 or over? And will people with high incomes experience the same frustrations as students? I don’t have to answer these questions, for you, I am sure. And it is clear, isn’t it, why it is impossible to write for everyone, and generate the same kind of interest from everyone?

What is the result when you write for everyone?

The result is that you will connect with no-one. That you will write in general terms. That nobody will really recognise in their own lives what you’re writing about. And that is not all. If you were to write for everyone, your writing style will vary from post to post, you will attract different readers for various posts, and the people who are basically your ideal readers won’t resonate with what you’re writing, and therefore you’ll be missing out on their connection to your content. They may even end up lacking appreciation for what you’re blogging about…

Remember: your solution is only valuable in the eyes of the readers if the blog post resonates with them, so that they will have a good reason or strong motivation to keep reading and wanting to embrace the solution you’re offering. On top of that, without ideal readers, you won’t be able to connect with them. Nor with many potential clients. That way blogging for your business would lose its appeal…

How do you create impact and connection?

To make sure your blog posts will impact your readers, you need ideal readers. To find and bind those, you must gain clarity on who your ideal readers are. This doesn’t have to happen overnight, though. But you can make a good start, today.

If you want to really connect with your readers, it is essential to know why they are. You must know exactly what they’re worrying about, what their problems and frustrations are, and how you can best help them. What will be of great help to you, is a simple profile of your ideal reader. You can create that now, by using the following three questions about your ideal reader:

  1. Is your ideal reader a man or a woman? (oh yes, you must choose, as men and women use very different language in their communication)
  2. Where do you find you ideal reader online?
  3. What  does your ideal reader want?

You then think of one specific person that fits this profile. From now on write your blog posts to that one, specific person. That is a consistent way of writing in congruence with all of your blog posts. You will find that your readers will connect with you more easily and you will be able to attract more and more ideal readers to your blog and your business.

It’s a piece of cake, this way. Write down these questions, add your answers, and write your next blog post for your ideal reader!

So, now? Now, it’s up to you. Let’s get started. I can’t wait for you to attract your ideal readers, just like I attract my ideal readers in my Online Blog Cafe every time. To make it even simpler for you, I want to share the Ideal Reader Template with you. All you need to do is to comment on this blog sharing your best insight from this post. In return you will receive the download link immediately. This is a win-win, you’ll be pleasing yourself AND your readers 🙂 

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