The Power of Presenting

How important is presentation for your blog?

Blog success is so much more than just blogging. Writing the content of your blog posts is essential, because that illustrates how you are helping others, what your expertise is, and how your clients benefit. But let’s be honest, here. What are the odds that you are able to reach out and help as many people as possible, when most of your ideal readers never land on your blog page? What is more important? You offering value or you helping as many people as possible? Yes, you’re right. This is a trick question.

The Power of PresentingWhat is necessary is to do both: offering value AND helping people. Writing blog posts takes care of the former. Presenting your blog posts takes care of the latter. And if you wish to have true impact? Then you will make sure you maximise both the former and the latter. And I assume that you do wish to have true impact… am I right?

Why should you present your blog?

Impact is important for your blog, your business and for your. This is precisely why you should present each and every blog post. And by presenting, I mean not just bringing the blog posts to people’s attention, but also presenting it in a way that achieves maximum visibility and impact for you and your business.

Please not that I use presenting rather than promoting… Your blog is a gift… a present.

The presentation of your blog posts means that not only those readers that are already on your mailing list will see and read your posts, but that also prospects, fans and readers that may well become your ideal clients get the opportunity to become aware of you and what you have to offer.

Impact is directly related to the number of people you are able to reach. This is what presenting your blog posts can do for you. Do you have a presentation plan? Have you set yourself goals to deploy your blog post presentation to increase impact?

What are my six best blog presentation tips?

My six best presentation tips I love sharing with you are the result of 5 years of active and strategic business blogging as an entrepreneur. The reason I’m sharing these tips, is because each and every one of these work wonders for my blog. I wish for you to have the same success with them, so you can help your clients even better!

1 – Make a list of online platforms

What I mean here is that you create a list of social media platforms that YOU wish to use for presenting your blog posts. Be aware of the platforms that particularly suit adding graphics to enhance your text and choose the platforms you like best. This could be LinkedInGoogle+TwitterInstagram of Facebook? Choose your number1!

2 – Find out which platforms your ideals readers use

It is also really important which platforms your ideal blog readers use. If your readers don’t have a Twitter account, and instead of that do have a Facebook account, then this is important for you to know. It doesn’t matter where your readers are hanging out – what’s important is that you know where.

3 – Find out which platform your ideal readers use to respond on

The next step could well be even more important: make sure you know which of those social media platforms your ideal readers prefer to respond and leave comments. You will find that your readers have a profile on multiple platforms and also post their own messages on each of those. HOWEVER, each and everyone of us has a preference, like a pet platform where you comment the quickest, the most often and the easiest. Make sure you know which platform that is for your readers.

4 – Decide with platform you wish to use first

Don’t start to present full blast on all platforms right away. Instead, do this step by step. After step 3, you see, you will have identified the most important social media platform for you: the preferred platform of your ideal readers. That’s what you should focus on, at first. Discover what days of the week and times of the day they respond to messages of others and of you. Play that. Only when this platform has become a systemised habit for you, it is time to add platform number two, then number three, and so on.

5 – Systematise your blog presentation sharing on social media

Systematising is a survival skill for entrepreneurs. And it is the same for blogging, presenting your blog post and social media. Systemising saves time, prevents errors, ensures visibility and continuity, and makes life so much easier for you. Also… if you would like to outsource stuff later…. then all you need to do is hand over your system…

Systemising can be really easy: make a list of blog posts, blog topics and publication dates. Write the blog posts. Create a number of presentation messages for social media (I generally do 7-14 for each blog post). Set a date, time and platform for each of the messages. That’s it! It’s up to you to decide when and whether you want to do this manually, automate it, or outsource it. In any case, you have a system that works.

6 – Ask others what their best tips are for presenting their blog posts

Modelling is key. There is no need to invent or reinvent everything yourself. Ask questions! No surprise then, that I have a question for you: “What is your best tip for sharing and presenting your blog posts?”

What gives you the best results for your business blog?

SO…. please share your BEST TIP for sharing and presenting your blog posts. I am very interested to read your comments on this topic!


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