The catch with catchy blog titles


Blog titles are meant to be catchy. I agree. They need to trigger your audience, entice your readers to start reading you blog post. The title is the reason your readers will read. And boring titles are not an option, right? You’re not boring, you’re business is not boring, and neither are your blog posts. You want your readers to get excited about your blog, so your blog title is exciting. And so is you blog post, right? Perhaps not…

what's the catch

So why would a catchy title be a problem?

In other words, what’s the catch? Well, if you’re not fully aware that your title always holds one or more promises. If you are not fully aware of this, then you have a blind spot. Your readers will always read promises in any title. Always. They will read you blog post with that promise in mind. They will expect, anticipate, hope, need that promise to be kept. And you’re the one that must deliver on that promise. So if you’re wondering why you don’t get many comments, why you feel your readers are not really connecting with you on your blog, or why you discover that hardly any readers actually spring into action with the valuable content you have given them… you’d better start raising your awareness about the promises that catchy titles hold.

Exciting and catchy titles are not just that. Yes, they may excite and trigger your readers to read, yet there is a catch:

So here’s the catch with catchy blog post titles: if you are unaware of the hidden promises in your blog title, your blog post most probably will not deliver on those promises. Not only does the title not fully match the content, the far worse thing is that your readers will find every reason to be disappointed or, at best, be confused. This is bad news. You’re at risk of being seen as unreliable, fake, untrustworthy, or not even an expert. Would you trust anyone you perceive to not be delivering on promises?

How do you catch the right title?

So, with all this in mind, how do you do that? Let me share with you how I do this. This is the 3-step routine I use:

Step 1 – work from a working title

Step 2 – write your blog post

Step 3 – do the “promise check”

And here’s how:

Step 1 – work from a working title

When you start writing your blog post, save your document with a working title that describes your one, main, blog topic. Don’t worry too much about this being the best title, because it won’t be. When you write your article first, you will be liberated to write the content you want to write, instead of trying to write to fit your title.

Step 2 – write your blog post

Write your blog post in your most favourite way. I would use the Blog Recipe, this is a surefire way of creating a blog post that connects with your readers and will motivate your readers to implement your value. You ‘ll be able to write with the main blog topic in mind, without being distracted by a title you feel you have to honour whilst writing.

Step 3 – do the “promise check”

Only when you have finished writing your blog post, then you quickly check the title against the promises it holds. Having just written all the content, it will be immediately clear to you what your title should promise. Adjust that title if need be to match your content and go press ‘publish’.

See? That’s simple, right? So, go, deliver on your promises, go blog and excite your readers and help them getting the best out of the value you offer on your blog.

Please also share in your comment if this post has changed your view on blog titles! I would love to read your comments, and I am always fully aware of how your comment can help other readers… so don’t hold back!


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