From test to best


Did you know that entrepreneurs are like athletes? They both put themselves to the test and go for the best. Testing can be good, by only so long as it serves you to achieve your best. Not all tests are equal, and not all tests lead to the best results. Certainly when it comes to blogging… because let’s have a look at how blogging can be quite a test for entrepreneurs…

from TEST to BEST

Does blogging regularly cost you more time, energy, stress and thought than you would want? Would you prefer to spend less time on blogging? Less time on writing, finding topics, editing, proofreading blog texts and moderating your comments on your blog?

Do you ever feel blogging is a T.E.S.T. ? Costing you a lof of Time Energy Stress & Thoughts?

Well, you should be spending less time, energy, stress and thoughts… And the good news is: this is entirely possible!

What does B.E.S.T. mean?

Instead wouldn’t it be better, much better, to learn the B.E.S.T. way of blogging?
Beating Energy Stress & Time? 

Beating –  the excess of Energy, Stress and Time it has been costing you – because you will be winning: learning new skills, discovering new perspectives, leaving stressful ideas about blogging behind you… finding another way, learning how to let your blog work for you, instead of working hard for your blog all the time…

Energy – will be gained and well-spent in small doses, your efforts will be rewarded, as you will attract more and more readers to your blog, readers who will be leaving valuable comments on your blog posts.

Stress – will no longer be part of your blogging process. You will have blog posts at hand, have an infinite source of blog topics, write with ease and complete a blog post from scratch well within the hour.

Time – will be your friend. You will know exactly how much time blogging will cost you.

That sounds amazing, doesn’t it? And the beauty of it is – it is so simple!

How to go from T.E.S.T. to B.E.S.T.?

Beating – is about winning, about being better than someone else. In this case it is about beating stuff you did before in a way that now no longer serves you. So it is about being better than you, being better than before. It is about leaving behind, releasing, replacing habits that have served you beautifully in the past, up until now. Now, it is time to use new insights, different ways and gently release what you can now leave behind. Not because there was ever anything wrong with you and what you did, but simply because there is an even better way.

Blogging doesn’t have to be as arduous as you might think. When you use a system for scheduling and writing your blogs, the writing becomes so much more fun and relaxed. Use a proven structure to write your posts, like I have been writing about the Blog Recipe and this will stop your structure struggle. With a structure, you will always know what goes where. This ensures your writing style matching your speaking style, with is a guarantee for authentic blog writing.

Energy – create a simple bullet list of the parts about blogging that are costing you to much energy. By mapping this, you will create overview for yourself. Decide for each of those bullet points how you could spend less energy on. Perhaps it drains energy from you because you were dreading it every time, or didn’t enjoy it. In that case write down each step of the entire blogging process. From writing to publishing to sharing. That way, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel each time. Perhaps it costs you energy to put the text onto your blog page on your website. In that case, consider outsourcing that. Do you have any smart teenagers around you? They probably can do that for you in no time. Are you wasting time searching for appropriate images? Ask someone else! Before you know it, blogging won’t drain you energy anymore!

Stress – most stress in blogging happens when you have to produce a blog post fast, facing a deadline. This is not necessary at all:  Have a blog supply and this means you will always have two blog posts ready to be published at the click of a button… The way to do this is to structurally work in advance, two blog posts in advance. Also make sure you have the appropriate images to go with those… and store them in the same folder (on your computer, laptop or in the cloud) as your blog posts. This will also resolve any stress involved with uploading posts on your blog page: there will be no time pressure. Dedicate an hour or two each week in your diary, schedule that, stick to it, and write at your leisure.

Time – time is time. And the question is: how do you spend it? I am a firm believer of systemising. Most certainly when blogging is involved. Anything you do regularly makes a great subject for systemising. There are systems and methods that will make you write faster. Without undermining the quality of your writing. Better still, such a system will improve your writing style. For instance, use a recipe for blogging: you will know exactly what to write, where to put it, wasting no time whatsoever about creating a structure, ordering and reordering paragraphs, checking for gaps… etc. You will find that when you will put these tips on Beating Energy Stress and Time your will need less time. And that also means less stress 🙂

How do I know all this? Well, I have done it all myself. And believe me, blogging is never a test for me, I only go for the B.E.S.T. way to blog.

For that reason, I would like to invited you to use these tips for yourself.
To go from T.E.S.T to B.E.S.T.

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What I would love to know from you is in what way blogging is a T.E.S.T. for you and how you would like to move away from that?

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