You are unique

During all of my entrepreneurial years I have always believed I was unique, in the sense of distinguishing myself from others. As a person, I am also unique, I have always known that and have always been aware of that. Still, I also had a certain belief about my uniqueness, on how unique I was, and why I was unique. And, I thought I had to work for that, I had to do something in order to be unique.

You are Unique

Let me tell you that this cost me a lot of energy. I was mainly considering what others might think, what others thought about  me, and what others saw in me.

Eventually, I came to realise that life doesn’t work like that. I began to experience that the more I worked from my own inner being, my own intentions, and my own values, the simpler life became. I now fully realise that I am truly unique. That is a given. A law of nature. I am unique, because of who I am.

I don’t have to do anything for that. I am who I am and I trust my uniqueness, without having to work hard for that. The beauty is that this has a positive effect on everything I do. Including my blogging and content writing, in my workshops, my networking, and my online interaction. I have had to learn this by trial and error. By investing – on the one hand – in my personal development, and by gaining experience in how I can pay it forward, on the other hand.

This inner journey has led to a valuable and liberating insight: if I am unique, then everything I do is unique, too. Unique for me! I am unique, so everything I write is unique. Distinguishing, too. I can never write the way someone else does, and it is the same in reverse. What a relief!

You are unique

It is the same for you: you are unique. Everything you do is unique, and what you’re writing is also unique. Always. You can rely on that. Even when you are writing about a topic that is covered often and by many others. Nobody writes about it like you! And that offers you the certainty that you are writing your own, personally unique blog posts. They are unique to you. You are valuable and worthy for those readers who love to connect with you!

An effective way to remain very closely to your unique self when writing, is to:

  1. Ask yourself a relevant question.
  2. To write your answer to that question as fast as humanly possible.

That way your writing speed will come the closest to your speaking speed. Your writing will be as uniquely you as your speaking already is.

Another cool idea is to post a link to a short video you’ve recorded, so your readers can hear how authentic, consistent and unambiguous your messages are, even across various platforms and ways of communication!

What I would like to know from you, is how you see yourself? How unique do you consider yourself to be? Just put your perceived uniqueness score in your comment, a number between 1 and 10. Whereby 10 means you feel totally unique in everything you express, and 1 means that you’re not trusting you uniqueness at all. I am always grateful for you, reading my blog posts and leaving comments. To me, that is a true win-win-win: valuable for me, for you, and for all other readers.

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