The 5 most fundamental blog tips


Blogging is fun and blogging is smart. However, if you’re not careful, you’ll be spending lots of time on blogging, and this may make you wondering from time to time, what you’re all doing it for. Do you recognise any of these five questions?

  • How can you work from a clear blog plan?
  • How will you get more readers to your blog?
  • How do you get relevant blog topics?
  • How can you engage your readers?
  • How can you get more comments on your blog posts?

To answer these 5 questions, I’m sharing 5 fundamental tips that work best for my blog and me.

Fundamental blog tips

TIP #1 – Decide what you wish to accomplish

Decide before you start writing what it is you wish to accomplish with your blog and your blog post. Do you want to inspire people? Do you want your readers to spring into action? Do you want to showcase your expertise? Make sure you’re absolutely clear about that, and then use this as your focus for your blog articles. This will actively attract your target audience to your blog and to you, and actively encourage them to read your blog posts (to the end).

TIP #2 – Search strategically for blog topics

Choose topics that are current and relevant for your target audience, your clients and your ideal readers. Keep up to date with what is happening with them, what others blog about, and read up on the problems your clients, fans and readers are facing. You can do this on other blog sites, forums, in LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups and on website of trade associations and relevant journals.

TIP #3 Use graphics

Graphics in a story are enhancing your story. Pictures speak a thousand words, remember? Do select them carefully. If they don’t add to your blog content and the point you’re making, then leave them out. In that case, graphics would only distract your leaders, away from your message, or even away from your blog page. And that’s the last thing you want.

TIP #4 Comment on other people’s blogs regularly

By contributing on blogs by others, you are leading by example. That is always a good thing. In addition, you’re offering yourself the opportunity to learn from others. By commenting and responding you will discover your answers to important questions. What makes you comment (or not) on a blog post? What do you need to do to let others comment on your blog? How do you write an effective call to action?

TIP #5 Blog strategical, not tactical

Draft a clear long-term objective for your blog, and create a plan for that objective. Write all of your blog posts in such a way that they support that objective. Present your blog posts consistently and strategically and avoid self-promotion. Your blog is always all about your reader. Present your blog across social media, refer in your articles using internal hyperlinks to other blog posts you’ve published, and taking part in topic related discussions on timeline as well as in groups (such as a LinkedIn group for and by your target audience). Added to that, draw up a publication diary, based on your long-term objective.

That’s it for now. These are my five fundamental blog tips. From my own experience, having tried and tested them all. They’re not complicated… yet very effective. So I’m strongly inviting you to give them a try yourself!

Having shared my 5 fundamental blog tips, I am curious now… Which of these tips are best for you? Please let me know here, and also tell me why. In doing so, you’re not just satisfying my curiosity, yet your also inspiring others!

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