Dare to blog


Do you need to brace yourself, before you dare to blog? I most certainly had that feeling, years ago. Blogging about things that I enjoyed and found interesting, and that I thought my clients would also enjoy, wasn’t that hard for me. Sharing knowledge wasn’t a problem for me either…

Only when I had learned the ins and outs of marketing, and wanted to use my blogs as a marketing tool… I kind of lost my appetite, and didn’t dare to blog so much. Especially when I wanted to make a real statement, had to describe my clients’ problems, and thought of having to showcase myself as an expert on my blog. Luckily for me, I now dare a great deal on my blog. And, more importantly, I also know why.

Dare to Blog
A lot of things are happening in your head, which holds you back from daring. A bit or a lot. Or from daring to share your blog posts with your clients. Or not quite daring to believe that your ideal clients, fans and readers are actually waiting for your to share your articles.

  • Do you like blogs, but are you tentative about not writing engaging enough, yourself?
  • Are you doubting if your information is coming across well?
  • Are you afraid that you won’t have enough engaging topics?
  • Does it make you nervous when you think you’ll be considered repetitive?
  • Are you scared that you won’t be able to keep the blogging rhythm up or that you’ll falter?
  • Are you worried what people will say about your blog posts?

The issue with fear, doubt, not daring, hesitating, waiting, and tossing and turning, is that it can paralyse you. I know all about that. There is only one reason that gave me the guts to start blogging full-out, that made me love blogging, and what made blogging for my business so effective, and that reason is this insight:

The problem is that you think you don’t dare, because of what the future might bring…. I’ve discovered that this couldn’t be further from the truth – the reality is this: you don’t dare because of what you are and aren’t doing now. It is not about the future: it is about what you’re thinking and doing, right now.

How can this insight help your blog?

Stay in the here and now. Trust what you know now, who you are, now. Occupy yourself with today. With yourself. With your blog. With your clients, fans and readers. The future doesn’t exist, the future always lies ahead of you, beyond this moment in time. You cannot write in the future. You can only write now.

Write your blog posts for this moment in time. Entrust your valuable content to your blog. Put your insights, solutions, support and systems into words and share those in your blog posts. Do so in the exact same way as when you would if a client would be sitting right in front of you now, and you’re doing what you’re doing on a daily basis. Blogging isn’t something to dare, it is something to do. Because you want to help more people than that one client sitting in front of you.

All of the knowledge, experience, passion and vision you possess now, is undoubtedly valuable, useful and relevant. Never forget that what you’re sharing with your clients, now – face to face – is equally valuable to share in your blog posts. The form is different. The value is the same.

It is my desire and my dream that each and every entrepreneur dares to blog. That is the reason I wrote this blog, aiming to contribute to fulfil my desire and turn my dream into reality.

Now tell me – what is your best insight, now you’ve read this? I would really appreciate your comment, because you are never alone in what you’re experiencing. It is so nice to offer each other that sense of recognition.

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