The Zen of Resistance


I feel blessed to be guiding more and more entrepreneurs to turn their blog into a magic marketing tool. I do this with ultimate pleasure and passion. My blog posts are the ultimate legacy of my lessons learnt, and I love sharing those to pave the way for you to blog in your most authentic voice. To pave the way for you to become totally Zen about business blogging and to experience the Zen in all aspects of writing content for your business. Including the Zen of Resistance.

Zen of Resistance

Entrepreneurs like you often voice their resistance to blogging to me. No resistance to having a blog, but resistance because blogging can feel like a burden to you. It feels like something hard, something like a hurdle, something that costs valuable time, takes effort and costs energy. Does that resonate with you in any way?

Why are you feeling resistance?

Blogging to you is something you know is or will be beneficial to your business, yet at the same time it feels like a burden, like something cumbersome. You will have to get under your client’s skin, and have empathy with your prospects and ideal readers…

You will need to write in a way that’s it different to your natural way of writing, something you don’t find easy. And suddenly, you feel resistance. Just plain, clear resistance. Is it really necessary to do that? Is it really necessary for you to do that? Must you really spend all that time on writing blog posts? And when you feel so much resistance welling up… is it then still sensible to be wanting to blog for your business? To write differently? To be vulnerable? To start thinking marketing, start thinking in problems, challenges, and hurdles? To do it, even? Pure, naked resistance… and that’s not a nice feeling at all. Not something that makes you happy, am I right?

What is resistance doing to you?

Feeling such strong resistance, can’t be a good sign, can it? It might not work, in your field of expertise, anyway, you might think. And while you’re feeling such resistance, and you cannot recognise what that resistance could have in store for you in a positive light… While you’re believing that resistance is a reason not to do it… Those are the signs that your mind is taking to be signs that blogging won’t work for your product, your service, your target audience, your readers… in the same way that it does for other entrepreneurs with different products, services, and target audiences. … and well, you’ll find you’ll be proved right about that… That’s when it won’t work. That’s when your resistance won’t fade.

How can your turn resistance into an opportunity?

Let me take you into the magical world of resistance. Resistance, you see, is fabulous! What? Are you reading this correctly? Yes, you most definitely are! Resistance is totally Zen! And I am going to explain to you how I see resistance. And how I apply resistance as one of my most powerful tools in my personal development.

What is resistance, actually?

  • Resistance is a signal
  • Resistance is the boundary of your comfort zone
  • Resistance is the boundary of your habit
  • Resistance is the springboard to a new habit
  • Resistance is an opportunity
  • Resistance is an opportunity for growth
  • Resistance is an opportunity for distinction
  • Resistance is an opportunity for progress
  • Resistance is an opportunity for success

And see… now resistance is nog longer something to avoid.
No, resistance is something that you feel is an opportunity.
That same resistance is now for you:

  • your personal wake-up call
  • your engine to spring into action
  • your reason for wanting to step outside your comfort zone
  • your motivation for just get out there and do it
  • your chance to do something innovative
  • your window of opportunity to greater things
  • your personal invitation to becoming totally Zen

What is it you really want? More of the same? Or more of the things you want to achieve?
Stop playing the waiting game, and stop selling yourself short. Go and step into your greatness.

  • go and blog
  • allow yourself a new habit
  • allow yourself a new success habit
  • go and blog
  • go and show yourself
  • go and help your clients
  • go and help your readers
  • go and shine
  • go and make yourself visible
  • go and step into the light
  • go and distinguish yourself
  • go and grow
  • go and create your successses
  • go and enjoy it all
  • go and do it
  • just go

Yes, and I do so very much hope you’ve ended up here, and are reading this all. I wish you so much zen, success, happiness, glory and impact. Turn your resistance into your friend. Your super power… Go and blog from all of your greatness. Go and do it. The world needs you!

And please, do let me know what your greatest insight is from reading this. I am already grateful for everything this will bring you. Your comment on my blog brings me happiness, it does. I also find your comment educational, inspiring and great – but what is far more important to me is what YOU can do for your clients, your readers, your fans. Now, tomorrow, next week and for all the generations to come. Thank you for your connection xx

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