Let your blog speak for you


Blogging isn’t just about text. That is a misunderstanding. Blogging is about creating connection, sharing your value, showing what you’re made off, resonate with your readers, finding new clients, and your blog page is the throbbing heart of your website.

You want to show this in more than just text. You want to let your blog speak for your. You also want your blog to speak to your clients, fans and readers….! With, text, branding and images.

Let your blog speak
Your blog is your reserved spot, the space you’re renting on the internet where your hold conversations with your readers. it is also the place where your readers will have a conversation with you, and with each other. So, it is never about words and text alone. It is all about stories, problems, challenges, frustrations and bumps in the road. And about hope, solutions, happiness, tips, growth and development.

Words speak. No doubt about that. Still, appearance does matter, too! You want to emphasise your story, make your message really clear. What better way to do that by using pictures? Pictures are worth a thousand words. What does that  mean for your blog? How do you select pictures that support and emphasise your blog message? Where do you find those?

My first tip is: learn from others! Never cut and paste, of course, let’s be clear on that. Modelling is the keyword, here. The most important thing about modelling is to consciously look for models that suit your kind of blog. Look at what others do, and then specifically at what really speaks to you, and model that.

I have no formula for that, and perhaps this is a pity, yet I can tell you and show you how I do let my blog speak. I like keeping things simple. Simple is a good start. And a good start is half the battle. so, are you ready?

How can your let your pictures speak?

I use these three free tools:  pixabay + canva + toolur

At www.pixabay.com you can find and download free, copyright free images. You can simple search by keywords, and do a straight download.

You can then upload these to www.canva.com

In Canva you create your own images for your blog. You can save, download, copy, change these… it’s up to you. There is also a paid version of Canva… which I don’t use. I am more than  happy with all the wonderful features in the free version. Canva also has wonderful templates, preset dimensions according to the type of image you wish to share on social media, and this also includes both paid and free, copyright free images, to use however you want to use them.
Canva offers many options, and is extremely user-friendly.

First, you pick a template, then you select the picture that best supports your blog post. Drag the pictures within the Canva template. You can now edit the image to your colour, text, background of choice. I also always add my logo, to create consistent branding.

Below are three examples of images for my blog posts, which I’ve created myself using Canva. This doesn’t cost a lot of time, and ensures unique images, in sync with your blog and without copyright infringement.

These three follow a simple structure:

  • a background
  • a picture
  • a line of text (or 2)
  • 1 logo

My Favourite Plugins


Are you ready to write?


ClearYour Blog Fog

In Canva you can easily select the right dimensions for your images, for posting on LinkedIn, Facebook Ads, blog posts, Pinterest, Google+, business cards, and many, many more. This makes it a highly useful graphics tool for you. If you’re interested in more examples, then do check out my Pinterest Board “Blogging with Confidence”.

Well, what do you say? Go and get creative for your own blog! I’m also interested in any questions you may have. Drop those in the comments, then I can give you an answer.

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