What is Your Vision [and why should you have one] ?


Fabulous, you have a blog for your business! Congratulations! You have a blog full of relevant and great blog posts, sharing your volcano of value with you clients, fans and readers. You’re happy and excited about your blog and you want thousand if not millions of people to come and read your posts. Nothing can beat receiving many comments on your blog posts, and you feel sure you’ll be seeing more and more of those comments since your blog is a source of new clients. Perhaps you recognise this?

What is Your Vision

You will hear me say this often and regularly: your blog should be working for you, instead of the other way round. I have noticed that this will become much easier, when you have a vision. A vision for your blog, that will enable your ideal readers to connect with. The more powerful your vision, the sooner your ideal readers will become enthusiastic about it, too. This type of connection and enthusiasm will be the reason that your blog will impact more and more people in an increasingly more profound way.

Mind you, your vision should be appealing, and even better, your vision should be must bigger than your business goals and should reflect values that speak to people’s imagination. Values that are important to you and that will work well for your readers and your clients. You don’t merely offer a service or a product to your clients… no, you also offer them a highly inspiring goal for themselves!

Before I went into the blogging and content writing business, I had been an entrepreneur in my translation agency Word-ing. I was successful on various counts. I was very aware of my core values, and those of my business. I never developed a true vision for that business. First, because I hadn’t realised how powerful a vision would be, and second because I wasn’t working from my passion.

That has completely shifted for me. And I really want to share this with you, because I truly believe you can benefit from this hugely. Primarily to have more impact with your business and your blog. I’ll be sharing my vision with you, and how that vision came about. I do this, so as to give you and example with which you can build a powerful, appealing vision for your blog, too. I believe everyone holds a vision, you too, and all you need is a gentle nudge in the right direction to word your vision clearly, and present this to your clients, fans and readers.

Legacy Content Builder Vision

My vision for my blog is Love, Live & Leave your Legacy. I believe in the power of entrepreneurs. I support them in sharing their knowledge, experience and valuable gifts for more impact, by building a personal business legacy for generations to come. I know so many entrepreneurs that have a volcano full of value to share with their clients: I have no other choice but to support them to also inspire the next generation.

This vision ties is beautifully with my big, meaningful personal goal “I inspire people“. My vision is supported by my three most important values for blogging with impact: authenticity, impact and freedom. Blogging with impact for me, means creating a dialogue with you, the reader of my blog. The fundamental idea behind this, is that I want you to have the maximum impact as an entrepreneur in the world around you. This requires freedom and authenticity. Freedom and authenticity to pass on my vision to you, in my personal, unique way. And also freedom and authenticity for you: the freedom to read or not to read, the freedom to resonate or not to resonate with what I’m sharing.

Creating an authentic dialogue makes a blog credible, accessible, and powerful. A blog is a platform for freedom of choice.

Now, the choice is yours: what is your vision?

Do you have a vision? Feel free to share it in your comment below. This way, you’re immediately on the road to having more impact!

Don’t you have your vision, yet? Then, start creating yours now by answering these four questions for yourself:

  1. Which three values are most important to you for your business and your blog?
  2. How do you view yourself and your blog in the future?
  3. What is your personal big meaningful goal?
  4. What is the essence of what you want to create for your clients with your blog?

You have a vision… what’s next?

As soon as you have a vision – even if you know it’s not yet perfect – do voice this vision. Share it with your family members, with your friends, and with your clients, fans and readers. Share it across social media, on your website, through your blog. Ask for feedback, whenever you want. And feel your freedom to amend your vision whenever it feels right for you.

Don’t wait any longer. Don’t do what I did: running a business without a vision for 12 years. That makes doing business less fun and a lot harder than necessary. Create your vision,  visualise your vision, share your vision and experience – like me – how wonderful it is to inspire people. In freedom, with authenticity and impact!

Please feel  share the vision you have for your blog below. Asking for help creating your vision is also allowed, of course. I am very much looking forward to reading your vision!

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