At a loss for topics…


“Search and you will find” – everyone knows that expression. Yet, when it comes to finding great blog topics, you may not be so sure how to make that work for you. Are you sometimes – or even regularly – at a loss for new topics? Would “the search and you will find” paradigm be so easy for you and your blog? I couldn’t possibly answer that question for you. And I am not even going to try….


What I will do is offering you a list. My list of topic inspiration where I search and find my blog topics, easily and swiftly.

Does that sound like a good idea? I can hear you say ‘yes’… Well, I have a vivid imagination, let’s put it that way. And yes, in my mind, I can hear you say ‘yes’. My imagination aside… one of the most frequently asked questions I hear from entrepreneurs who blog and wish to blog more is “How do you find great blog topics?”

Does this apply to you? Great! Then I’d like to inspire you today!

I am always on the lookout for blog topics that will inspire, trigger or solve problems for my clients. And I always search in places where I know my target audience is active and responsive.

So, without further ado, here’s my list of topic inspiration … to find blog topics:

  • Current events
  • Blogs that generate many reader comments
  • Blogs about my main blog themse in a another language
  • Blog sites of others that share my target audience
  • Books
  • Professional associations
  • Casestudies of my clients and projects
  • Other entrepreneurs who blog about my main blog theme
  • Personal experiences, such as bloopers, successes, insights, choices
  • Evaluation Forms filled out by participants of my seminars and workshops
  • Facebook (what is my target audience sharing)
  • Facebook groups
  • Facebook pages
  • Facebook: replies and comments on my Facebook page
  • Feedback on my seminars and workshops
  • Forums where my target audience is sharing their problems and solutions
  • Inspiring meetings, seminars and networking events
  • Internet
  • LinkedIn groups
  • My own blog: readers’ response to my questions
  • My own blog: readers’ comments on my blog posts
  • Newsletters from my target audience
  • Twitter (what is my target audience tweeting about)
  • Professional Journals

And just to be absolutely clear: copy NOTHING!

Be inspired, concentrate on modelling, get ideas, but ALWAYS write your own content! And if you include a quote, then do so including the appropriate reference.!

Please be aware that this is not an exhaustive list. It is also a list that keeps changing. This list is just a good start.


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