Clear Your Blog Fog


What is Blog Fog?

Clarity is King. Blog Fog will stand in the way. When you are not entirely clear what your main purpose of your blog is, then you have a problem. Why? Well, not only will wil show in what you write, how you write, what topics you will cover, and slow you down. You won’t connect with your readers, your content will be safe but superficial.
Worse than that, it will create blog fog for your readers. Your readers include your prospects, your clients, your fans and future clients. The thing about blog fog is that all of your true, valuable, mind-blowing and life-changing gems you have to share, are totally invisible to your readers. They’re even invisible to yourself, as you won’t see them in writing, you won’t share them clearly enough, and you won’t get any feedback on them from your clients. This way you’ll be one of many, you will fail to connect with your audience, and they will go elsewhere to find what they want and need. You will fail to showcase the fabulous expert that you are, and you’ will inadvertently be driving your audience into the arms of someone else, who is most probably not creating the great results you could have created for your audience… Ouch.

ClearYour Blog Fog

Why is clarity king?

If you want to write blog posts that people will want to read, you really must clear your blog fog. Not only for the benefit your readers – definitely also for yourself. The clearer you are on your overall blog purpose – shrouded by blog fog – the clearer your readers will be about what you have to offer. You need to be very specific, focused and crystal clear about how you will help your audience in the best possible way for them!

And then there is the often overlooked yet amazing opportunity blogging for your business hold: the online conversation you’re starting, on your very own social media platform: your blog! Blogging for your business is a not just any conversation: it is a time-separated conversation. You start the conversation when you’re writing your post. You encourage the conversation by publishing your blog posts and then presenting them to your audience, reaching out to your readers, fans and clients. The conversation actually materialises when readers comment on your blog post. In between there are periods of time. Unknown amounts of time. This means that the clarity your start with has to last right up to the moment your blog post is read, preferably still with clarity.

How do you clear Blog Fog?

Luckily this is easy, quick and effective. All you need to do is connect with you main blog purpose. If you’re not sure what your main blog purpose is, then clear that fog first. Here are some questions that will help you clear your fog:

  1. What is the main purpose you want your clients to achieve?
  2. What is the main purpose you wish to achieve for your blog?
  3. What is the main result your want your readers to take away from the blog post you’re writing?

Now, remember, don’t spend any time thinking about those answers. All you need to do, is look at those questions, one by one, and let your answer come up. Then connect, to your purposes – also known as desired outcomes for your clients and readers. The clarity this will give you will clear any blog fog. So now you can write that blog post that people will want to read.

You may be curious what my answers are to those three questions. I know I would, if I were in your shoes. Now, here’s the deal: put your answers in your comment on this post, and I will send you my three answers. Not only that, I will also post a personal reply to your comment. Let’s do this and clear all that blog fog!

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