Words matter


Words and their meaning have always played a major role in my life. I realise now that to use words to express what you wish to say is not as simple as it may seem. Have you even said things you don’t mean?
Words Matter
Or rather, have you ever refrained from speaking the true words of what you really mean? I know I have… and I was totally lost for words when I realised that while saying things I mean – by being honest in what I say – I have often not been honest to myself by refraining. For years, I lived a habit of refraining from speaking out about the deeper truths in myself. Afraid of being criticised, of being rejected, of being judged. By others. And in doing so, criticising myself, rejecting myself, judging myself. That is a way of not being honest to myself, while being unaware of that. I wonder, is this universal? Do you recognise this, in some way, too?

Why do unspoken words burden you?

Unspoken words are more powerful than you think. Anything you decide not to say, whether this is from fear, shame, insecurity, doubt or modesty, burden you. How? Well, those unspoken words stay inside you. With nowhere to go, no-one to share them with, yet plenty to think about. These words will come up in your thoughts, time and time again. They will come up in your dreams, during your sleep, more and more often, and with more and more urgency.

The same goes for your blog. If you limit yourself in what you blog about, for fear of upsetting people, going against the grain, stand out, or receive negative comments, then, this begs the question ‘Are you really honest to yourself’? You will pay a high price for that, believe me, I’ve been there. The prices I have paid for toning my message down, for not sharing my unspoken words, for playing small were painfully high. These are the major ones:

I didn’t trust myself
I wasn’t the mother I wanted to be
I told myself off, knowing what to do, yet not doing it
I lived in fear and lived with continuous anguish – for decades
I procrastinated like a pro
I missed many opportunities
I lost my connection to my inner wisdom
It has cost me my marriage of 30 years
I scared people off, including customers by acting forcefully
I lost turnover, profits and clients by being too afraid to sell with inner conviction
I took on assignments that were not a good match, which gave me many headaches
I hardly ever considered myself a priority, so no-one in my personal life did
I had serious health issues, limiting me in many ways

All these prices finally led me to learn the value of the words I am thinking and voicing. The unspoken words became my personal treasures, that I feel free to share, with myself, my children, my friends, my clients, and with you, here, publicly on my blog. Words matter. My words matter. So do yours!

This topic is so close to my heart, that I (finally) decided to share this with you. It’s so important to connect with your inner truth, your inner wisdom and your inner desires. Without that, it is very difficult to truly connect to your audience, to your readers, your fans and your clients. As an entrepreneur you wish your clients the best. Then, please, give them the best you have. Offer them your unspoken words and help them the best way you can. You will be rewarded.

So, how about you? Are you up for it? If you’re willing to share what you have kept silent about in the past, then please do leave a comment – I am positive that this will help others, too. It’s time to embrace the fact that your words matter.


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