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Well done. You have written your blog post. Now what? You know you have written something useful, valuable and worthwhile for your clients, readers and fans. What’s next? You want a great finishing line. So you can finish like a pro – with a great call to action. That sounds simple, but isn’t always as simple as it sounds, am I right?

finish like a pro
A good call to action concludes your blog post beautifully. It is the most natural way to invite your readers to leave a comment. Don’t expect or wait patiently that readers will spontaneously leave comments. Some do. Many don’t. For whatever reason. Just check with yourself. How will you comment on a blog post if you’re not clear about what the author wants? So, just tell your readers at the end of your blog post – short and sweet – what you would like your reader to do. Not like an order, but as guidance, a specific invitation.

Then, you could enhance your call to action by offering a small reward for those readers that do leave a comment – if that is your call to action. Such a reward is always a freebie. Blogging is never about selling, and always about serving. Adding a clear and serving-oriented call to action means that you’re finishing like a pro!

Keep your introduction short – a cta offering a free visual tool for a comment
Write with Confidence – a cta offering free personal feedback
Fact or Fiction – a cta offering a free Ideal Reader Template

Try it out! Leave your comment on any of these three blog posts I mentioned here, and receive your freebies. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain! Not only that, you will discover how it works for you and your business blog, too. Using your own words, and your own freebie, of course 🙂

Learn from others. This is valid advice for anything in your life and your business, but most definitely when it comes to writing cool cta’s. Be inspired. Never copy & paste, but always model smart stuff you see from others, and genuinely turn this into your own words and style.

How do you write Cool CTA’s? 

Great question! How do you write a cool call to action that is focused, relevant and effective? A good start is to be aware of its importance. Also be aware that you can give yourself permission to learn from others, discover what works for you and what resonates with you. So, watch what others do, check what type of call to action you personally feel inspired to follow and invites you to respond. Note which type of call to action generates comments on other people’s blogs.

Create your own list of these CTA’s that resonate with you personally. Use those as the basis (so NO copying & pasting here either) for your own cool CTA’s. You can jot these down as a list of variations. I am sharing two detailed examples with you here. Is that cool, or cool?

Coole Call to Action 1

What is your main insight? Please share this in your comment below.
The bold words you can vary:

Instead of main you could say: biggest, most surprising, best, most valuable…
Instead of insight you could say: choice, discovery, pitfall, fear…
Instead of comment you could say: reply, view, question…
Instead of below you could say: at the bottom of this post, in the thread, to this article…

Coole Call to Action 2

What is you clients’ biggest frustration? Please share this in your comment below.
The bold words you can vary:

Instead of biggest you could say: most frightening, embarrassing, persistent, limiting …
Instead of frustration you could say: fear, block, problem, challenge…
Instead of share you could say: write, include, explain, tell …
Instead of comment you could say: explanation, opinion, conclusion, intention …

You see how simple it actually is? With two examples you can create a multitude of relevant variations. My advice? Just go and do it. Write your own COOL CTA’s.

And yes, of course. I want to Finish like Pro. So here’s my call to action for you: Please do let me know in your comment what your most clarifying insight is that you’ve gained from this article. 

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