Your questions determine your answers

Your questions determine your answers, did you know that? The vaguer your questions, the vaguer your answers. This begs the question: "What are good questions, when writing is concerned?"

Let me give you an example from my personal life. A question that contains contrasts ensures that your answer offers clarity. Knowledge or Capability - what brings you further?
That is a question I've asked myself. I'm sharing my answer below:

Knowledge or Capability - what would you choose?

Knowledge is about knowing stuff. I have been educated broadly, highly and for a long time... I loved to learn, acquiring knowledge was my second nature, and also came to me easily. Nothing wrong with that: is has been beneficial to me. Partly because is allows me to support my clients about their expertise and topics: in two languages, at that.

Capability is about doing stuff. Putting my acquired knowledge into practice, and allowing the ensuing experience to enhance and enrich my skills. If I'm really honest, I avoided that for years and years. Telling myself in the process that I didn't even realise that.

So, what has been the most beneficial? Knowledge or Capability?

That question has been most beneficial. Knowledge is necessary, important even. Without any knowledge there isn't much to put into practice. BUT: knowledge by itself is emptiness, upholds illusions, and puts the brakes on life itself.

I have experienced this first hand. Thanks to that one question. And, by answering that question with utter honesty.

What I am capable of doing with knowledge about topics, language, text, and other specialties such as construction, architecture, hospitals, mental health, personal development, public speaking, cooking, marketing, writing, literature, grammar, ancient Greece and Rome, nature, and music... is to apply that painter's palette to create the most beautiful and vivid painting in words for my clients and all those who can really benefit from my services. This is what is my natural talent, this is when I am in my element. That is when I can truly serve.

I focus on entrepreneurs with dyslexia who wish to write their book.

Do you prefer listening over reading?

I can well imagine you'd prefer listening over reading. So, I have recorded this blog in an audio. The listening time in Dutch is: 03.25 minutes.

Here's the audio in English with a listening time of  03:25 minuten.


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Do you wish to write your book?
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