Success Factors


The moment you realise how you can blog successfully, you can achieve the same and more as big corporations do. How does this work? Well, this works because you don’t need a marketing budget for blogging, because blogging costs ZERO money.

Success Factors

To show you it is highly doable, I am happy to share the 10 success factors that have helped and supported me. I deliberately call them my success factors, because they guarantee blogging success!

My 10 Success Factors

  1. Optimise your blog for marketing purposes.
  2. Make sure you stand out with your blog posts.
  3. Learn how to complete a blog post in under 45 minutes.
  4. Discover how you know what to blog about.
  5. Experience how to find and bind your ideal readers.
  6. Embrace your writing qualities (or develop them!)
  7. Make sure your blog is an important element of your marketing strategy.
  8. Always be writing unique and valuable content.
  9. Avoid frequently made blogging mistakes.
  10. Always remember you are writing for your readers.

So, do tell me – what are the success factors of your blog? Share those in you comment, and you can be sure that I will respond!

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