Why Blog?


Why blog? Blogging is transformational for me, in many ways. I express this in as many ways as I can. the transformation also lies in transforming seeds into seedlings, seedlings into trees, and trees into blossom, and blossom into fruit. You are an entrepreneur and you want to make your mark, you want to make a difference, you want your clients to be totally transformed, empowered and bearing fruit!

You also wish to show who you really are, what you believe in, what your core values are and what you have to offer. I have discovered how you can wow your potential clients by illustrating your expertise, blog post for blog post… And this is why you must blog! Still not convinced? I get that… it’s not about believing, trusting or being convinced. It is about experiencing it for yourself – growing your blog to bear fruit.

Why Blog to bear fruit

Why should you blog?

You should blog for a number of reasons, and their relative and relevant order to you are essentially unique for you. Still, there are many core reasons that will apply to any entrepreneur who wishes to find suitable clients, build relationships and leave an online legacy.

Making business blogging a fixed ritual within your marketing and communication strategy and you will find that this will:

  • give you online visibility
  • showcase your expertise
  • make you stand out in the crowd
  • invite prospects to connect with you
  • builds your online legacy
  • strengthens your brand

Why must you blog?

These are all valid reasons, and when you do a google search on the benefits of business blogging, you will find numerous mentions of this, with a host of variations on that theme.

What you won’t easily find online about the benefits of blogging, are the benefits of the benefits… Is that a well-kept secret, you may ask? I’m not sure. I notice that most entrepreneurs are now consciously and systematically asking themselves the “why question” often enough. Well, let’s put this to the test! Here is a sequence of “why questions” I’ve explored myself. I’ll also give you my answers… how’s that for transparency? 🙂

Q – Why must you blog?
A – I have a lot of value to share

Q – Why do you want to share your value?
A – Because I want to help people?

Q – Why do you want to help people?
A – Because I want them to be happier and more successful.

Q – Why do you want them to be happier and more successful?
A – Because it is important to me, as when they are, they will also make their clients happier and more successful

Q – Why is that important to you?
A – I want to make difference in the world

Q – Why do you want to make a difference in the world?
A – It is my responsibility to share the best content I can share, to leave my legacy

And there we are, this is my big why:
To take full responsibility and to live, love and leave my legacy.

By asking myself a deepening sequence of “why questions” I get to the core of why I must blog.
This, in turn gives me clarity about my specific desires:

  • I want to transform people’s lives.
  • I want my blog to bear fruit.
  • I want to share my nuggets of knowledge, wisdom and experience.
  • I want to write my best blog posts (my best blog post is my next blog post).
  • I want to make a difference.
  • I want to enjoy the fruits of my blog.
  • I want my children to be proud.
  • I want my clients to blossom.
  • I want to inspire.

What about you? Why must you blog? Share your specific desires and inspire me!

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