Summer tips for your blog


Summer always gives me a reason to do something differently with my blog. In other words, I give myself a reason to do something differently with my blog. Have a break, for instance. Or take a summer’s leave… because everyone is holiday. That’s what I thought, anyway.

Keep Calm Blog OnThat Summer’s leave isn’t so smart. That break isn’t either. Your blog is the throbbing heart of your website. The heart of your business marketing. That cannot be brought to a halt. Not even in Summer. You don’t want to stay invisible, because the weather is great. Up until a few years ago, I thought nobody would read my blog in the Summer. So I did have a Summer break.

I enjoyed the break, the rest and the peace of mind it gave me. What I also discovered it the amount of pain, effort and stress that came with it. At the end of the Summer I felt  he pressure of having to get back into my blogging routine. The inspiration I had expected to come flow into me during the Summer, didn’t materialise into cool blog topics, nor hot ones 🙂 Or writing effortlessly. You see, I felt some frustration, irritation, effort… because I had to start all over again, getting re-acquainted with my own systems, even, in a way. I wasn’t clear on blog topics, either… so, have a Summer break is not for me. That bit of useful information I’m happy share, because it makes blogging all the more interesting and fun.

These are my top three summer tips for your blog:

1. Blog during Summer

Write your Summer blog post in a sunny fashion. Choose light topics. Write from your Summer feeling. Tap into what happens during Summer: holiday, beach, travelling, swimming, strawberries, leisure time – anything that ties in with what your audience is doing in the Summer.

2. Blog shorter

Keep it short, or at least shorter. Make it as easy as possible for your clients, fans and readers to read your blog post quickly and take swift action. They have more spare time, and have more focus on Summer activities, so keep it shorter than normal.

3. Blog each week

Stick to your normal blogging frequency. This is very important for your business. It supports your visibility, reminds your clients, fans and readers of your online presence, knowledge and experience and you’re staying in touch with your readers, connecting with them every single week.

In short: be kind to yourself and be kind to your blog. That is the best you can do this Summer! Let me know, did you like this post?

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