Mind the Gap


Do you have aspects about your business that you run smoothly, with ease and according to plan? Aspects you don’t worry about, never cause any problems and usually run like clockwork? I do, too. For me that is blogging and writing content… and I imagine you might have something else in mind. And that is fine. But you know the feeling, I’m sure. And recently, when I visited London, a city I love and feel very much at home in, it suddenly clicked that things that run smoothly can make you oblivious to the obvious.

Mind the Gap

I was reminded again of the well known Tube phrase: Mind the Gap. Hearing that brings back fond memories of my time living in London. It makes me feel part of Britain, makes me connect with my English identity as I feel it. An, this time, suddenly I realised how easy it is to overlook gaps. Specifically if things run smoothly, with ease and according to plan. In London, underground passengers are made aware of the gap. Not that you’re not able to notice, but when you are doing the same thing regularly, you tend to overlook the most obvious things… things like gaps. Gaps you might fall into or may make you stumble. Because you weren’t aware of those gaps.

Perhaps it was because I was tubing to and from a business event, or maybe it is that engineering mind of mine… I suddenly saw how you can easily miss the gaps of all sorts of aspects, processes and products in your business. You then do need someone to remind you, show you or inform you of those gaps, before they stop running smoothly or even do become a serious problem.

As I love learning, gaining new insights, and developing my skills, mindset and perspectives, I rely on other people’s expertise to show me those gaps. So that I can mind them. What I had never really considered, is my own responsibility in reminding other of the gaps that I can make you aware of from my expertise… have I ever blogged about how to discover, mind and close the gaps in your business blog? No, not really. Not that specifically. How do you discover what the gaps are? What is missing? What could be improved? What are the things that might trip up your readers and you’re not aware of? What is standing in the way of creating that connection with your clients, fans and readers?

So, here’s the deal. Today’s my birthday. And rather than serving you drinks and cake… I would love to offer you my gap analysis of your business blog. All you need to do is to explain to me in your comment below, what you expect, hope or need, to gain by my gap analysis. I will then let you know how you can book your 15 minute call with me for your free gap analysis on your blog.

There’s no catch. It’s my birthday gift to you. No list, no spam, no sales pitch, nothing like that. All I want for you is to mind the gap.

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