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Writing content is my daily habit. I get a lot of questions about this, particularly from entrepreneurs like you, how you could write an e-book or real book, based on your blog. I love getting you into action mode, so I’m more than happy to share with you how I created a book from my blog, in one week, in 2015. If this sounds cool to you, then please read on…

from blog to book

Do you know why I thought I couldn’t write a book?

Writing e-books of around 2,500 words was something I had already done. A printed book was something else, entirely. At least, that is what I thought. And that is what I believed. Writing really isn’t a problem for me. The whole circus around it caused me to feel unclear about what to do first, and I gave in more and more to one of my frequently practiced  behaviour: procrastinating. Back in 2011 I had followed a specific 3-day writing course, so  that I could write the self-help book for adults who – like me – had lost a sibling. I have written over 28,000 words of that book… and I had presumed until recently, that this highly personal topic was the root of my procrastinating. Nothing could be further from the truth.

So, how did I do it? Well, I knew I had one week. And I counted back. First, I contacted a printer-publisher. Then I wrote the book. I had two days for that, as the printer needed by copy by Monday (I started on Friday), so the first 50 printed copies could be delivered to my front door, the day before my launch party. That’s all! It worked, I did it. It took me one whole day to find that printer-publisher… mind you. It was fascinating to discover what I thought was hard about it, wasn’t hard at all, and what I hadn’t considered beforehand (finding the right printer-publisher) was the most challenging part, and also the most time-consuming.

Ever since 2015, when I wrote my book Blogging with Impact – in Dutch in one week from scratch to publication of the printed book and its book launch, I know better. Procrastination happens within me. I had become so used to a life full of interruptions, I had kept interrupting myself at every corner, nourishing my procrastination as the habit of a lifetime.

Blogging with Impact has made me very aware. Now, I have a choice. To procrastinate or not to procrastinate. The inclination still flares up, from time to time, and then I choose to act and be happy. Be writing, be learning, be growing. It is no longer something that holds me back, and that other book will be completed,  printed and published in 2018.

Why you should do the same?

I have trained hundreds of entrepreneurs over the past few years to write their e-book. I felt I had earned the right only after I had completed my printed book. And so I did. Why should you be writing your e-book or your printed book? Well, because this will be so very fruitful for your business. And because it isn’t half as hard as you may think. And because the impact you can have as an entrepreneur will grow substantially once you are a published author. And if you already have an active business blog, you undoubtedly have a mountain of written material you can use for your book. Knowing that, you can now churn out blog posts with powerful motivation, with that book of yours in mind. With every blog post you’re writing and publishing you are building your personal legacy.

So, let’s have it. Do let me know your most important reason for wanting to go from blog to book and do add any questions you have.I always respond to your comments!


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