Do you do what you love?


From the very the moment I graduated as a construction engineer in 1985, right up to this very day in July 2014 I had convinced myself that I loved what I did. In a flash, on the 3rd of July 2014, I realised I had deluded myself. I had mistaken being very good at what I did, applying my talents, expertise and skills day in day out, for loving what I did. I had run a translation agency from 2002 up to 2014 that specialised on texts about architecture, construction and technology. Successfully.

Love what you do
When confronted with the question “what will make my heart sing: translating or teaching entrepreneurs how to write blogs and content for their business?” all became clear to me. Doing what you are very good at doesn’t make you happy. Doing what you love, does.

Since that day, it took me three weeks to set up my new business, doing what I love and I operate these days from my current vision and mission:

My vision:

“I am building an international sisterhood of legacy entrepreneurs, liberating them to Live, Love, & Leave their Legacy intuitively and from the heart.”

My mission:

“It is my mission to liberate 2 million female legacy entrepreneurs by offering systems, strategies and support, to significantly increase their confidence, connection and contribution

Let me go over the three main symptoms I had suffered for years – on a daily basis. However, I never realised they were symptoms – I would love to find out from you if any of these resonates with you.

Symptom #1 – Working hard. All the time.

Working many hours is not the indicator here. Working with inspiration, dedication, drive and energy are not the indicators either. It’s when you feel you’re working “hard” that is the core symptom. Doing what you love never feels like working hard.

Symptom #2 – Frustration

Feeling frustration about just about everything I did for my translation agency felt like a huge burden. Yet, I brushed that aside, continuously, with the praise I received from my clients. I felt these two elements were connected. Now I know so much better. Being talented at what you do is not enough – you really must love what you do. No love, no life. It’s as simple as that.

Symptom #3 – Procrastination

Procrastination is a dragon you must slay yourself. That dragon lies in my nature. I now regard it as a watchdog, too, for me. I have discovered that the procrastination dragon has multiple sources. In its appearance as a symptom it is a warning signal. One I overlooked. I procrastinated about all of the tasks I performed in my translation business. Even invoicing. Well, that is a true red flag, if ever I saw one. These days, I recognise the root causes of my procrastination dragons far more easily. The dragons still surface, but I now make friends with them, reassure them that I will take action, which is so much more easily done when you love what you do.

Now that I have accessed the love in myself, for who I am, for what I do, for the clients I serve, I am always happy. I appreciate myself, what I do, the mistakes I make and am learning from, the impact I have on other people’s live, the fact that I matter, I inspire and I enjoy every step of the way. I achieve far more now that I work from love, than I could ever have achieved by working harder and harder.

Know that you’re never alone in anything you feel. Realise that you, too, can turn in the symptoms of doing what you’re good at into doing what you love. Please do tell me where you’re at in terms of doing what you love: which of these symptoms have you suffered from? By sharing this here, you will help, inspire and support others.

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