Blogging is transformational for any business


Blogging is transformational for me, in many ways. I express this in as many ways as I can. I want to share this, because sharing is multiplying. And if blogging becomes easier for you by what I’m sharing, then I know that more and more blog posts will be appearing online about so many important, fun, transformational and inspiring topics….

Blogging is Transformational

One thing I thoroughly enjoy using for my blog, are the questions I’m hearing. Questions are great. Really great, even. Why? Well, for me, any question is a potential blog topic. Some questions I keep hearing. Then I know I can definitely write a blog post about that. And I do. Even a question such as “Is blogging also useful for my business?” The short answer is “Yes, definitely!”. Blogging is transformational for any type of business. Would you like to know why? Then keep reading…

It is my firm belief that every business can benefit from blogging. In the general sense, because blogging is a powerful marketing tool. Each business can benefit from marketing. So, that can also work in the form of blogging. However, it runs much deeper than that. Blogging is transformational, because you learn so much from it: about yourself, about your products and services, about your business, about your market, about the readers of your blog, about your clients and fans.

Whatever your business… blogging is transformational

It really is. Not blogging equals robbing yourself and your business something priceless: your very own social media platform. What? Yes, you’re reading this correctly. With your blog page on your own website, you can have conversations with your clients, fans and readers. You open up topics for discussion, topics you know are relevant to your clients. By creating a conversation, you create connection. Readers will comment, respond, offer feedback, information, insights. Readers will share your posts. Just like what happens on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter… exactly… just like other social media platforms. Including your very own business social media platform: your blog! Now there’s a transformational thought, isn’t there?

Let’s go back to the question of whether blogging is useful for your business. Do you have clients? Do you have knowledge? If your answer is yes, to both questions, then you can blog. Do you have a solution to your clients’ problems (challenges, fears, insecurities, knowledge gaps, illnesses, unfulfilled desires)? Then it is useful for you to blog!

Hundreds and hundred of entrepreneurs have received a list of 20 blog topics or more. Within 15 minutes at that. About the widest range of topics. I am listing a few for you here, in no particular order:

  • Dog Training
  • Sustainable Housing
  • Financial Reporting
  • Sexuality
  • Romantic City Trips
  • High Sensitivity
  • Real Estate
  • Copywriting
  • Architecture
  • Sibling Loss
  • Business Coaching
  • Personal Development
  • Job Interviews
  • Divorce Mediation
  • Yoga & Zen
  • Funeral Photography
  • Doing Business in France
  • Teenagers
  • Adult Education
  • Women Empowerment
  • Love & Dating

Is your business activity not included in this list? How wonderful! Because in that I have this short assignment for you:

Describe briefly what it is you do for your customers, and I will give your 5 topics you can blog about, here on this page, in my reply to your comment. I find it really important that you continue to discover the transformational possibilities for your blog. So, put me to work by leaving your comment, please!

I am also offering a bonus for your comment: a practical, transformational tip to test your blog topics with your ideal clients and readers via social media and create instant engagement.

Live, Love and Leave your Legacy