“A horrendous boost in confidence for my writing”

How do you feel when your clients give you a testimonial? When they let you know that you have truly helped them? That you have made their life easier, and happier in some way? Well, I know how I feel when that happens, and I have decided that those clients, the ones that implement, that put their trust in me, that start taking action on something they feel resistance about, and then suddenly cross the edge of their comfort zone and actually start enjoying what they are now achieving.

Testimonial Blog Anja Kruska

Well, this is all about paying it forward. About being in the game- not because of you yourself, but because of them: the clients you wish to serve, you wish to succeed, to wish to learn new skills, gain new experiences, and embark on new adventures.

Your client’s success is your success. And for me, this is part of leaving your legacy. As I am fully aware of the legacy I wish to leave. I am daily building and developing the legacy I need to leave. It is not a mere option for me: it is a strong desire, a responsibility.

So, I’d like to share my legacy journey with you, here on my blog. Not to put me in the spotlight, but my wonderful clients, who I love, treasure and support the best way I can so they, in turn, can leave their legacy.

You’ll be seeing more blogs like this one, on a regular basis. These are Testimonial Blogs. Written partly by me, and partly by my clients. Co-creation in its simplest of forms.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to Anja Kruska who is The Adventurous Entrepreneur.

Anja was one of the lucky ones to be served one-on-one in the Blog Cafe. But, actually, you know, I was the lucky one. It turned out to be the first ever – and quite likely the last – Blog Cafe where we spoke three languages… resulting in a powerful blog post in only one language: in English 😉

So what I am about to share with you is the Testimonial Anja was happy to share with me, and here are her answers in her words, to the questions I put to her:

What did your blog page look like, before the Blog Cafe?

Anja says: “Before the Blog Cafe I had no blog posts on my website. I planned to do it, again and again, but I had none. It felt frustrating.”

What was the most frustrating part about blogging?

“Before learning the great method in the Blog Cafe I felt that writing blogs were a heavy load on my shoulders. I avoided it most of the time. I wasn’t sure where to start, how to structure and how to write good content.”

Anja also stated that the Blog Recipe and the training gave here the key to open the door to her inner wisdom and how she could now structure it. She continues:
“But the biggest impact for me, was Saskia’s way of showing and teaching me, how to write as ‘Me – as Anja’. That gave me a horrendous boost in confidence for my writing, so that I don’t hesitate anymore to share my knowledge to help others in my own authentic way.”

What are the biggest changes to your online presence since you started blogging with the Blog Recipe?

“I now have written already several blogs sharing my and other people’s expertise. And several more are in the making. My online presence has increased dramatically. It’s amazing to read the comments I receive on my blogs. This is really wonderful to be in an interactive conversation with interested people about a subject.”

“To be more efficient in writing my blogs I use the Blog Recipe plugin in my WordPress website. This is crucial for my writing. It is a simple, yet very helpful tool in structuring and not forgetting any part of your blog.”

“Without the Blog café and the Blog recipe I would still struggle to find ‘my authentic writing style’. Thought instead of writing out of intuition I rather copy other man’s style.”

What would say to other entrepreneurs about the Blog Cafe?

“If you want to write with confidence in your authentic way and you want to learn it easy and quick, I can warmly recommend Saskia’s expertise she is sharing in her great Blog Cafe sessions using her Blog Recipe.”

Well, how about that?
Needless to say that I am thrilled with this testimonial. Yes, I appreciate the warm recommendation about me and my tools and services, but what really warms my heart is what one simple workshop can mean for the long term in someone’s business.

I have come to know Anja as a very passionate coach who is set on awakening the natural leader in you. So I’d say, by all means go and check her out and let her guide you through your next adventure on your leadership trail. Or visit her blog.

So please, do let me know if there is anything that resonates with you, when you read Anja’s words. I will always respond to your comment. Thank you for connecting!

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