Blocks are Everywhere

Blogging isn’t always easy. You will always encounter some kind of block. Blocks are everywhere. Fear and insecurity happens to everyone, at some point.

Blocks are Everywhere

Fear of not having enough good topics, not offering sufficient value, or not being interesting enough… I know only too well what that feels like. I most definitely had those fears. Eventually I came to realise that fear is something that blocks me.

Fear provides bad counsel. It makes you feel insecure and unhappy. And that, in turn, will cost you, in turnover, in clients, and in your credibility. I know all that, from personal experience, too….

Don’t let fear block you!

Fear resides in your thoughts. Ignore those thoughts, and opt for action. That has worked really well for me. I’m sharing some of the fears I have had- (and occasionally still meet – and the action you can take to undo yourself of the fear-induced blocks.

Fear of not having enough relevant and interesting blog topics
From my own experience I can highly recommend to start. List 5 topics. Write 5 blog posts about these topics, publish those and ask your target audience – wherever you meet them – on which topic they would like to read a blog post from you. The topics will come to you more and more easily, if only you’ll start…! Would you like some suggestions for finding the first 5?  Here, they are!.

Fear of coming across as boring

Remember this: so long as you are able to explain in a conversation what you could write a blog post about, then you’re also able to write it down. One of the simplest ways to do this, is to ask yourself a question. And then writing down the answer to that question as fast as possible. this is the simplest version of the writing method I have to use. This allows you to stay very close to the way you speak, and this means you can never be boring!

Fear of repeating yourself

Even if you were to write 10 blog posts about 1 topic… even then, you can easily write about it from entirely different angles. All the knowledge you have, subconsciously feels repetitive to you, because you already have all that knowledge. Your readers, fans and clients have a totally different perspective: they are not the expert that you are. To them, it is always interesting to read your view on a topic. You can always ask yourself and answer another question about a previously discussed topic. And yes, this also goes for topics that others have written about. They write in their style, not in yours.

Fear of not being taken seriously

Don’t I know this fear well… what will people think? Well, all I would want to say, don’t be led by what everyone thinks: write your blog posts, look at what your readers, fans and clients say. Pay great attention to the positive comments: of course you will be taken seriously. No, not by everyone, but nor would you want that, really. You want to be taken seriously by precisely those people who are your target audience. Those, about who you know that you can truly serve well with what you have to offer. They will most definitely take you seriously!

I whole-heartedly hope that you won’t be blocked any longer, by anything! Spring into action and keep blogging, with pleasure, passion and conviction! If I can, so can you. I believe in you!

I also believe in the power of being frank. In my blog posts, you can see what I do, how I do it, and why I do it. With total conviction that you can benefit from it.

So, I would love it if you can be frank, like me. Comment on this post by sharing what blocks you in blogging for your business. This could be something big or small. Something intermittent or chronic. Motivate others by sharing this. You are never alone in experiencing something that blocks you.

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