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How can you benefit from this topic on blogging? I would like to share with you how I feel and what my experience is. More importantly, to share how you can benefit from comments on your blog: Why would you even want comments on your blog?

There are a whole host of ideas about that and I am sharing mine here with you. I hear a lot of entrepreneurs saying:

blog comments

Well I don’t know when I need to put in a call to action at the end of my blog – I feel like I’m forcing my readers to do something that I don’t really want to do that way. It feels forceful, and by the way, I am not a great commenter on other people’s blogs. So you know, why would I be interested in other readers of my blog to comment on mine?

Well, let me share what I think are 5 biggest reasons or the 5 biggest benefits. Allowing comments on your blogs is so important and will be inspiring you, so please read these five biggest reasons and make up your mind afterwards:

Big Reason #1 – Confirmation

Comments by readers – your ideal readers if you can get those – are the biggest confirmation you can get. Comments on your blog by others confirm one major thing that people underestimate: it confirms that your blog post is being read. You only know for sure someone has actually read your blog post when you have comments! The reason is that the content of those comments relate to the contents of your blog posts right? A like or a share doesn’t really mean quite the same thing – that’s my belief and my experience, right? It also confirms a few other things: it confirms that there are people out there who have something to say about your blog post, obviously they’re are either interested or they’ve been triggered by something you said. You’ve touched their hearts, you’ve touched their lives you have touched there criticism you’ve touched something in those people from person to person and that’s been confirmed by them leaving a comment on your blog just so you know.

Big Reason #2 – Value

Comments on your blog provide added value, added value to you seen as an expert you have something valuable to give and they can add to that, but also to the contents of your blog post, it happens to me time and time again that precisely in those comments to my blog posts things I mentioned that I haven’t thought of that are an addition to what I’ve said that they strengthen or empower what I have shared in that blog post, and also the added value to me as a blogger or as a blogging entrepreneur that I get added value about what it is exactly that I trigger in them, because I never know it all, nobody knows it all, so I think this is very very big added value.

Big Reason #3 – Marketing

To allow comments and invite comments on your blog, that’s the marketing value. The marketing value of comments on your blog are huge. Make sure that you invite those comments and give yourself the gift of receiving that marketing value, because anything people will comment on the blog is the least threatening way to receive feedback. They may agree with you, they may not agree with you, they may agree with you but still add something, or they may agree with you in a totally different way. The point it, you can use those words to trigger other people who feel similarly, so the marketing value you get from the comments is tremendously valuable. It gives you ideas, it can inspire you, it gives all sorts of stuff and also other people, other readers see all those comments on your blog. They start to think, right, you know this person knows what I am talking about. And look at all these other people who think what you’ve written is really useful, so you can use this for your marketing. Please do so and make sure that you actually save all those comments somewhere in a safe place where you can find them and draw a spread sheet from them. Your marketing will never be the same again I promise.

Big Reason #4 – Insight

Allowing comments on your blog by other people gives you insight, insights into what they like or don’t like. Insights into parts of your business that they really feel comfortable with or feel inspired by it. This triggers new ideas and it gives you insight into what works well, what works extremely well, what works brilliantly, what doesn’t work so well. And you can always ask, depending on the comments, what it is that you do, and what that is that it does to them? And how you could help them even further? Or provide them with more information. So comments give you insights into other topics for your blog, about what it is exactly your readers value and what they still miss and would be really keen to learn from you in another blog post.

Big Reason #5 – Inspiration

To allow comments on your blog is that you give and receive inspiration, inspiration from new stuff, or perhaps even not new stuff, but different ways of dealing with it. And isn’t that great if you can inspire others and others can inspire you and by having this conversation on your blog people commenting your responding to the comments? Now you suddenly have a conversation going on your blog, and that’s inspirational to everybody who follows you and to your readers who join the conversation.

So here they are:

my 5 top Big Reasons reasons for allowing comments on your blog: Confirmation Value Marketing Insight Inspiration

And please note, that it is equally beneficial to leave your comments on other people’s blogs, for those very same reasons I’ve mentioned here. I would really like to invite you to try that.

Now, I am interested about you! Which of those five reasons would be most important to you? Please tell me in your comment and let’s find out from all the readers’s comments which of those five is the most popular one.


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