How about your fairy tales?


It is confession time. I regularly believe in my own fairy tales. This may sound cute, but the fairy tale that shocked me was when I sat down to write one of my blog posts and heard my mind tell me: “I don’t know have a topic to write about. And then I thought” WHAT AM I THINKING?! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?! Your Fairy Tales

Where on earth does a thought like that come from? It really upset me. I never am short of a blog topic. My problem is having soo many, that it is sometimes hard for me to  know where to start. I always blog about how you have an abundance of blog topics. I pay a good deal of attention to discovering the infinite pool of blog topics, and how there are a 1001 ways to find blog topics. I only know too well how I can recognise relevant blog topics… Where on earth are such thoughts coming from?

So, I’ve concluded that my thoughts are fairy tales, fibs, myths and illusions that I shouldn’t just trust or believe at face value. I know this… As you probably do, too, I imagine. And there, for a moment, I even believed that it’s hard for me to find blog topics…. such nonsense! What I did, was to let that thought swirl through my mind for a while… and then I made a choice: ‘No, I’m not accepting this. I may have that thought, but I reject that thought. I’m sending this thought to where it belongs: to the realm of fairy tales. And then, I will choose something that I want to believe. Are you catching my drift?

What is the problem with fairy tales?

Indeed, what is the problem with fairy tales, you may wonder? In essence, nothing much, as long as you’re reading them in a book of fairy tales, such as Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales. When I was a child I read an endless amount of fairy tales and enjoyed them thoroughly. Even then, I knew they were just that: fairy tales. That they were great to read, and for a brief moment in time, believe it could all be true (and while you’re reading, that’s absolutely fine – the whole point, as it were), and that a good ending would make you feel good. It allowed you to take in the moral of those stories. Yet, beyond that? Your younger you – like mine – knew full well that fairy tales were not true, and total fiction, right? This made it all the more unimaginable  that I was prepared to believe my own fairy tales and accept them to be true. That will get me nowhere. For that reason I decided to switch on my Fairy Tale Alert. And I want to tell you how.

What do you tell yourself?

What do you tell yourself and what is actually true? Does this ring a bell, how you do something with enthusiasm, and tell yourself something that suits you, yet isn’t quite the whole truth? Of that you suddenly have thoughts of doubting yourself on matters that you’re really good at? That isn’t lying… but what is it? It’s a fairy tales! And your fairy tales never have a happy ending… they won’t lead to success or happiness.

How to switch on your Fairy Tale Alert?

So, what is the solution? Well, what I discovered is how I stopped believing my thoughts at face value. This is working really well for me, and I have written down how I do this, so that I can check and use this whenever My Fairy Tales rear their heads. I am sharing this, so that you could benefit, too. That you will stick with reading fairy tales, and no longer unconditionally believe the fairy tale yarns spun by your mind…

AND: of course, with the aim of doing more of what you really desire, more of what you have promised yourself and others, and more of what you truly believe you deserve. This will make you a happier person, and a more successful entrepreneur.

What is the Fairy Tale Alert?

Do I have the best solution for you? I’m not sure. What I do know is how I manage to stop believing my thoughts unconditionally, and subsequently making my own choices consciously. So, that is what I am sharing in this post, with you: my approach to live happily ever after. Are you interested? Then switch on your Fairy Tale Alert. Do what I do:

  1. The very moment you realise something seems hard, of you feel resistance, and that thought is swirling around in your mind telling you that you can’t or don’t want to do something… then just write down that thought.
  2. If, you have more than one of these thoughts, create a list of those thoughts.
  3. Take your time for each of those thoughts and determine if you actually want to believe them. If you don’t want to accept that thought (and it may well shock you how often that happens…) then write next to it: 1) which thought you would want to replace this with and 2) which conscious choice you would want to make. 
  4. Then, go and practice your new thought. And realise that:
  • what you think, is what you believe
  • what you believe, is who you speak about it
  • how you speak about it, becomes what you do

Choose therefore very carefully what you want to think. At the end of the day, this is how you can stay very close to who you are: you will do more of the things to really want and desire. Isn’t that just fabulous?

What are you thinking, now?
No, I never do this. I never tell myself any fairy tales?
Are you sure?
Or perhaps it’s wise to read this post once more 🙂
I’m only joking… no need to read it again.
However… do please share the fairy tale you sometimes (nearly) believe, below.

What are you telling yourself against better judgment? 

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