The need for inspiration

Entrepreneurs like you are always looking  for inspiration, and what better time than the beginning of a New Year to do that? You are looking to create a new business year with more success, news challenges, and more personal growth. Inspiration is essential to nurture growth and success, so it begs the question: “Where do you find inspiration?”

Be Inspired to InspireLet me first share my view. I love being inspired by others. I can find inspiration in both big and small things, and, for me, inspiration is the fuel to to make my engine run. I believe that I can only inspire others, when I am allow myself to be inspired – I cannot give what I cannot receive.

So, to kick off 2019 in style on my blog, I am sharing with you two videos that truly inspire me. Not just the once, but regularly. I also believe in the power of repetition 😉

In this video, Simon Sinek shows in a most impressive way that most businesses communicate to their prospects and clients first “what” it is they do, and then “how” they do this. However, a number of the world’s most successful businesses such as Apple, have a different strategy. They communicate “why” they do what they do. And how is this relevant? People tend to buy quicker when they know the why of a business, and when they know what a business beliefs in. A successful strategy, that Simon Sinek has brilliantly described by his “Golden Circle”.

If you have been inspired by Simon Sinek, than perhaps you’re interested in his book on the Golden Circles “Start with Why”

Oprah Winfrey is hardly ever seen as an entrepreneur, yet is most certainly is. She is one of the world’s biggest inspirator. She is not the only one, though: the Modern Women’s Business Club has created a wonderful compilation of inspiring messaged by some of the most famous women. This is a video that reminds me time and time again, that inspiration can be found anywhere, if you only know to look for it. And, just to be sure, let me repeat that you can only inspire others when you can allow yourself to be inspired by others. This video will most certainly inspire you!

So, le’t start the New Year in an inspiring way. Share your comment with me and all the other readers, and tell me what or who inspires you the most! In return, I will send you my personal message telling you how I intend 2019 to be my year of inspiration.

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