I can make the book much more digestible

The primary reason I had the clarity call with Saskia was to help shed some insight into how I might proceed with the writing of my book and to find out how exactly coaching around writing a book works.

I would say the top insight I gained would of been the knowledge that I need to be much more precise in the way I desert each part of the book. For instance breaking each chapter down into a list of questions to be answered. As well as this I also learnt that by simply altering the way you write about the yourself, for instance, ‘I did this’, to something which can be much more relevant to the reader so that they can relate it directly to their own personal situation, I can make the book much more digestible to those who wish to learn from it rather than simply hear about my own experiences.

I would recommend Saskia as she has a great energy and approach which helps put you at ease. But more so her knowledge on the subject and how to go about writing a book for the first time is invaluable to anyone attempting to write for the first time. She can help you stay on track writing your book and iron out any creases along the way. As well as offering an independent view on how you write and how that would be received.