Mastering Your English Master Chef

Objective: Become the Master Chef of your English

Mastering your English with a programme and a proven system to assess, accept, acquire, apply, acknowledge and analyse your English learning route. Giving yourself a cycle to rinse and repeat for continuous joy of speaking and writing English with ease and confidence.

You will experience what the true value is of your English, your conversations and your impact, how you tap into the core value of your international potential.

The Master Chef Programme will give you all you:

  • Master your BluePrint
  • Master your Learning Strategy
  • Master your Authentic Speaking & Writing Style
  • Master your English professionally

You as the Master Chef



Your Investment

Within 26 weeks you have the right to 15 one-to-one sessions of 90 minutes. In addition to that, you can submit 6 texts in English for review, contact by whatsapp, facebook messenger or e-mail and complimentary access to one Evaluation Session at the end of your programme.

  • 15 one-to-one sessions of 60 minutes face-to-face
  • Creating clarity and content for each of the 6 essential ingredients
  • 1 additional evaluation session
  • You will have access to e-mail, and/or whatsapp contact with me during all of the six months
  • € 1800 (to be paid in advance)
  • Prices are per person – All payments to be made in advance.

There is no VAT to be paid

So, if you feel you are truly ready to start your journey of becoming the Master Chef of your English, then book your Mastering Your English Ingredients session with me, now, by sending me an e-mail to

Live, Love & Leave your Legacy

PS – Your sessions with me can be in English or in Dutch: the choice is all yours