Are you an entrepreneur and a visual thinker and are you an expert in your field?

Yet writing regularly for your business is a challenge, because you:

  • Never excelled at language and text?
  • Are struggling with writing?
  • Can't find the words easily?
  • Experience that writing costs a lot of time and creates frustration?
  • Even feel embarrassed on occasions about how you write?

Then you are one of many. The good news is that this really does not have to restrict you to write a book. Your creative story deserves to be shared.

It is important to realise that the knowledge you have in your head, increases in value when you can pass it onto others and the next generations by writing your book. I believe in Pay it Forward: within it lies the power of connection.

Luckily writing is my passion and my life. My purpose, my talents and my mission have been clear to me for years now. The discoveries I've been blessed with I happily and gratefully pay forward to entrepreneurs like yourself. If there is one thing I know for sure, it's that you have a story that must be told. Your book on your story, your knowledge, expertise and talents will contribute to a better world.

Mijn missie is om ondernemers die uitblinken in beelddenken en creativiteit of gehinderd worden door dyslexie de Schrijver in Zichzelf te laten ontdekken. Daarvoor heb ik een the Write Your Book in 5 Months programme which enables you to actually write your book for your business.

In order for you to discover if this is for you, I am offering you my get-to-know-me session : free of charge, I only ask for a thirty euro donation to a charity I have supported for years: the Durlstone Foundation Zimbabwe.

Live, Love & Leave your Legacy


PS - You can work with me in English or Dutch: the choice is yours.