How readable is your blog?

Wonderful stuff, you’ve done it: you’ve written your blog and it’s been published online.
Visible to all. Fantastic! And, what’s even more fantastic, is that your blog is also highly readable for all. That is what you want, after all, isn’t it? That your blog is not only seen but also read. Read, from start to finish. So, I have a question for you: are you deliberately using smart layout and formatting to enhance readability? Readable


Your blog will have 400-900 words, and with smart layout and formatting you enhance its readability. That readability is important. First of all, it is the respectful thing to offer your readers… but it is also important for you. The better the readability, the higher the impact your blog will have.

Now, there are different ways to enhance the readability of a text. Let’s start with using blank lines as paragraph separators, variations in font, colour or size. Punctuation is also powerful and bullet points are often invaluable for offering clarity and overview.

For blogging, in particular, it pays to be mindful of the fact that your readers will be reading your articles on a screen. You don’t know what type of screen, and you have no idea where they will read, in what state of mind they are when they are reading: in other words, it is in your best interest to make life as easy as possible for your readers. You will benefit when readers continue reading to the very end, and then take an inspired action by responding to your call to action. That call to action would benefit from a striking colour, to draw your readers’ attention and to inspire them to act and respond.

Research indicates that screen readers revert more and more to speedreading by skimming and scanning. Your formatting and layout can have a meaningful effect on WHAT they read. This implies that you can notably influence this by making conscious decisions about formatting and layout. This way you’ll help your readers to navigate through your text, ensuring they will pick up the most relevant elements.

Make deliberate use of:

  • bullet points
  • blank lines
  • bold text
  • colour
  • italics
  • font type
  • font size

You most probably already use some of these, but it is my intention that you can now do this more deliberately to make your blog more readable and enhance its valuable impact.

Now, I am curious to find out how you are going to enhance your blog’s readability! Please let me know, and if you have any questions, add those, so I can answer them for you!

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