Introduce your book idea!

Come and meet me to discover the writer in you.

Ik nodig je van harte uit voor een kosteloze ontdekkingssessie met mij en mijn werkwijze.
This discovery call is for you clarifying, that I can guarantee you!
You will receive pointers your can immediately implement into your business.

Your discovery call is specifically meant for voor ondernemers die binnen 6, 9 of 12  maanden hun boek willen to write their book..
Let it be clear that this call does not commit you to anything.

This is why I would like you to seriouslyconsider this, beforehand.
Are your sure that you can commit to the investment and your time
and to yourself
? Then you can promptly decide at the end of your discovery call. of een boektraject
met mij iets voor jou is.

In short: if you are absolutely sure, than this call is an opportunity you wouldn't want to deny yourself.