Introduce your book idea!

Come and meet me to discover the writer in you.

I am inviting you to join me for a free discovery session to get to know me, and to get to know the way I work.
This discovery call is for you clarifying, that I can guarantee you!
You will receive pointers your can immediately implement into your business.

Your discovery call is specifically meant for solopreneurs who - this year - want to write their book..
Let it be clear that this call does not commit you to anything.

This is why I would like you to seriouslyconsider this, beforehand.
Are your sure that you can commit to the investment and your time
and to yourself
? Then you can promptly decide at the end of your discovery call. if this project
Write Your Book in Five Months is for you.

In short: if you are absolutely sure, than this call is an opportunity you wouldn't want to deny yourself.