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The devil is in the details

Those entrepreneurs who are working with me, know that I love questions.
Here are two more for you:

Do you wish to write your book?
Do you have the courage to write your book?

“The devil is in the details” is a well-known phrase.
Language is like magic - you can read each of those questions in two different ways:
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Your questions determine your answers

Your questions determine your answers, did you know that? The vaguer your questions, the vaguer your answers. This begs the question: "What are good questions, when writing is concerned?"

Let me give you an example from my personal life. A question that contains contrasts ensures that your answer offers clarity. Knowledge or Capability - what brings you further?
That is a question I've asked myself. I'm sharing my answer below:

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Pain is really necessary

As a passionate solopreneur you have the best of intentions for your clients. You want to do all that is in your power to offer solutions… In your business texts you share enthusiastically what you have to offer. Writing about pain, such as problems, fears, and challenges is a different kettle of fish. Still, you are in fact short-selling yourself and your readers if you skip mentioning the pain they’re suffering. How does work, exactly? Continue reading

Find your Focus on Feedback

Have you ever asked for feedback on online content that you’ve written, before you felt comfortable or were ready to publish it? A blog post perhaps, or a page for our website? An e-book or content for the promotion of a new product or workshop? And, has it ever happened to you that you got back so much feedback that was all useful, yet conflicting? Continue reading

de taal van je moeder

The language your mother used

Today, it is precisely 90 years ago that my mother was born. She passed away about 18 months ago, having lived an eventful, exciting, and fulfilling life. For me, she has always been a great example, and today I’ve posted this message on Facebook about her. However, I wish to address something else, based on my love and passion for words and language, and particularly since – for most of us – your mother has had an infinite influence on your use of language. Continue reading